Seven Day Detox

Seven Day Detox

We all feel we need a detox every so often, so below is one I designed for 7 days, and it worked. I felt like a new person! You can use this eating plan as often as you like.

If correctly followed, it will help clean out your system of impurities and give you a feeling of well-being. After just 7 days you could begin to feel lighter by a good few pounds and experience an abundance of energy. Please make sure you eat soup every day. If you find it upsets you or makes you feel ill, then do not carry on with it. When you finish DO NOT drink alcohol for at least 24 hours.


  • Chicken – should be skinned.
  • Fish – should be Trout, Tuna, Mackerel or Salmon
  • If vegetarian – where chicken/fish is used during the week, please use a protein alternative i.e. quinoa, nuts, seeds, tofu, Quorn, seitan, hummus, etc. Add to vegetables/green salad.


  • 1 or 2 tins of tomatoes (unsweetened)
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 Leek
  • 2 cloves of garlic (optional)
  • Half a skinned chicken breast or chicken pieces or add oily fish toward the end of cooking, or leave out if vegetarian
  • Dried basmati or wholemeal rice noodles (or rice) (half a packet or leave out if you don’t like them)
  • 1 pint of chicken stock
  • 3 to 4 celery sticks
  • 2 cans green kidney beans (or fresh kidney beans where possible)
  • 2 lbs carrots
  • 2 green peppers
  • Half a green cabbage or Kale or spinach chopped (add this ingredient about 10 minutes before the end of cooking).

Cut vegetables in small to medium pieces, add the canned tomatoes and stock, add more water if required. Season with salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne powder (if you like), parsley or other herbs (the seasoning is to your taste). Boil fast for 10 minutes. Reduce to simmer, cover with a lid and continue to cook until vegetables and meat/fish is cooked. Add the Rice Noodles towards the end of cooking if you like them.

The soup can be eaten anytime you are hungry during the week. Eat as much as you want, whenever you want. This soup won’t have a lot of calories. Hopefully, the more you eat the more you will lose. Fill a thermos flask and take it to work with you. You must eat this soup every day for this detox to work.


  • Herbal teas
  • Boil a kettle and pour the water into a jug, add freshly sliced oranges, lemons, limes and leave overnight covered with a clean tea towel to cool. You will have a lovely flavoured drink without any of the additives.
  • Water (lots of water – at least 1 – 2 litres) don’t forget herbal teas and the above-flavoured water will count toward your water intake.

Day 1

Have the soup and melon today, and plenty of the above fluids. Nothing else.

Day 2

All vegetables. But no fruit. Eat until you are full of fresh raw or cooked vegetables. Try to eat green leafy vegetables and stay away from dry beans, peas or corn. Eat vegetables along with the soup. Evening meal, reward yourself with a sweet potato (or baked) with half an avocado or a little butter.

Day 3

Eat as much soup, fruit (berries and melons) and vegetables you want today. Do not have a baked potato today. If you have followed this diet for 3 days, you should find that you have already lost some weight and started to feel better.

Day 4

Still, eat the soup today, but have a Bio yoghurt or Greek yoghurt with berries etc and as many green vegetables as you want.

Day 5

Skinned chicken breast or Oily fish and a can of tomatoes (unsweetened) or 6 or more fresh tomatoes as well as having the soup today. (brush the chicken or fish with a little olive oil, squeeze some fresh lemon over the top and salt and pepper to taste and wrap in foil and cook in the oven – you can add some other seasoning if you prefer i.e. paprika, chilli flakes etc).

Day 6

1 Chicken breast (skinned) or 1 Oily fish and as many vegetables as you like today. Plus the soup. (brush the chicken or fish with a little olive oil, squeeze some fresh lemon over the top and salt and pepper to taste and wrap in foil and cook in the oven – you can add some other seasoning if you prefer i.e. paprika, chilli flakes etc)

Day 7

Brown rice and vegetables as well as the soup today. You can add the cooked vegetables to the rice if you want.

So my top tips this week are:

  • Try my 7-day detox diet
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 1-2 litres a day
  • Do not drink any alcohol for 7 days

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